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Updated: Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Barn Doors Aren’t Just Here To Stay. They’re Here To Slay!
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

And now were looking around our house trying to come up with the perfect spot to add another one.nbsp;Barn doors.Given the name and the fact that their initial popularity was propelled by the rustic doors on Fixer Upper, it would be easy to write them off as a fad. But the truth is you just never know when a trend will fizzle out or transform it...

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Millie's Motion At The Annual HOA Meeting
Written By: Richard Thompson

But wait Millie, a longtime resident, rises to her feet and says "Madam President, Id like to propose a motion to amend the governing documents to eliminate renters. Im sick and tired of all the coming and going and lack of regard for us owners."The president responds, "Millie, Ive had the same concerns. Do I hear a second?" A second comes from ...

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Forbearance News: Borrowers Can Now Defer Payments Until The End Of Their Loan
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

The >Previously, there was some question as to whether borrowers would have to make a lump sum payment at the end of their forbearance period or enter into some other type of agreement that would potentially increase their monthly payments.nbsp;nbsp;Payment deferral is one of the repayment options, they said. Servicers will begin offering the pa...

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5 Tips to Save in Your Kitchen Remodel
Written By: Cristina Miguelez

Historically, the kitchen was once hidden away from the main house for several reasons, such as to reduce excessive heat and to control smells. Nowadays that is no longer the case. The kitchen has made its debut as an integral part of the home and perhaps the most important room, which is why many homeowners are looking to upgrade the space. In ...

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Confident Decisions in Uncertain Times
Written By: PJ Wade

Home buyers intent on purchasing real estate now can benefit from three significant advantages:1. Less Competition: The pandemic continues to keep people home and job loss is at record highs. For these and other reasons, the 2020 spring real estate market is not the mass buying frenzy of past years. Home sales are down significantly in most mark...

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Exciting News: New Quarantine Content Coming To HGTV!
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

HGTV is about to launch a new show inspired by the coronavirus pandemic. With a stay-at-home state of mind redefining our lives at this moment in history, HGTV is bringing design home literallynbsp;nbsp;in a groundbreaking self-shot TV series, Design at Your Door, said the network. Casting starts now.The crux of the show is this: Homeowners will...

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How Lenders View Installment vs. Revolving Debt
Written By: David Reed

The mortgage payment used for this calculation includes not just the principal and interest payment to the lender but also a monthly amount for property taxes, homeowners insurance and mortgage insurance when needed. This monthly total is compared to gross monthly income to arrive at the front or housing ratio. In addition, other monthly credit ...

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How Do I Choose the Right Property?
Written By: James Stevenson

1. Make a List of Your Needs and WantsBefore you start your search, make a list of everything you need in a property. This should include your maximum budget for a home, the number of bedrooms it must have, and the size of the yard. If there are other details that matter, like a pool or a fenced-in yard, include those on your list.Then, make a l...

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How to Properly Care for Your New Marvelous Marble Kitchen Countertops
Written By: Kara Masterson

Use Protective Devices on the Marble CountertopsPrevent scratches on the marble countertops by using protective devices for your small appliances, food canisters and pans. You can find washable platforms for the countertops, or alternatively, you can use absorbent kitchen towels or drying mats on the surfaces. By doing this, you can avoid having...

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Tele-Maintenance: The Newest Thing in Virtual Service
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Using our free tele-maintenance service, you can talk directly with a Home Pro whenever you have questions or issues around your home, said Hippo. We can help. Schedule anbsp;complimentarynbsp;virtual house call with a Hippo Home Care Pro who can help you with home maintenance by phone or video.The company has completely shifted to a virtual mod...

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Easy DIY Projects to up Your Curb Appeal
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Bring in seasonal colorLets be honest. Some of have a green thumb, and some of us dont. But adding a little bit of seasonal color is easy and can lift your spirits every time you look outside.nbsp;If youre not sure you can pull off the steps needed to plant flowers in the actual yard, think potted. A planter placed near the door can add consider...

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Committee Commitments In Your HOA
Written By: Richard Thompson

There are two types of committees, standing and ad hoc. Standing committees exist indefinitely or until the board decides their purpose is no longer needed. Examples include Landscape Committee, Social Committee and Pool Committee. Standing committees have ongoing and often repetitive tasks to accomplish. Ad hoc committees are formed for a speci...

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3 Reasons You Should Buy a Vacation Rental Home Instead of a Home for Yourself
Written By: Cara Berkeley

When I was looking to buy my first home, I was of course super excited to pick something out that I loved. To live in my own home and have a proper investment instead of throwing money away each month on rent.But a funny thing happened. I said no to myself and what I wanted. In a way.Nashville at that time was blowing up. Tourism was rising and ...

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Are You Ready to Divorce Your House After the Quarantine?
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

All that time together has not necessarily helped some >But its our >Its not something a renovation can fixThere are some floorplans that just cant get with the times. Not without a tremendous financial commitment, anyway. If fixing up your home to get it to modern standards or even make it more livable is impossible or unadvised, it may just be...

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Ideas for designing a modern luxury dining room
Written By: Aneel

Any dining space design decision is vital for your home. The dining area is possibly the most significant meeting point. It will be the location for several memorable moments such as meaningful chats with your loved ones. If your dining area reflects your interests and you really enjoy it, youre going to want to be there for dinner or simply sha...

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How to Tell If an Apartment Listing Is Too Good to Be True Or a Hidden Gem
Written By: Riley Swanson

So, with these factors in mind, how can you really tell if an apartment is all its cracked up to be?nbsp;How do you know when youve stumbled across a hidden gem - or when the shades are being pulled over your eyes due to strange social circumstances?nbsp;Weve got a few tips that will help you unearth the truth about the apartment youre investiga...

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Why Do Some Loan Programs Allow for Higher Debt Ratios for Higher Income Borrowers?
Written By: David Reed

Debt ratios over time have been used to determine affordability and are crucial pieces of information when evaluating a loan application. If a loan program asks for a front ratio of 28, that means the PITI represents 28 percent of gross monthly income. Over time, collective data indicates that when someone is making a housing payment, the sugges...

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Refinishing Stairs: The Best Types of Paint for Indoor and Outdoor Stairs
Written By: Keith Riley

Refinishing stairs doesnt have to be a daunting project. Whether you want to give your interior stairs a makeover or just fix the peeling paint on the back deck, theres a perfect paint for the job.Read on to learn what types of paint are best for freshening up your interior and exterior stairs.nbsp;The Best Paint for Outdoor StairsOutdoor stairs...

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Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Barn Doors Aren’t Just Here To...
And now were looking around our house trying to come up with the perfect spot to add another...

Millie's Motion At The Annual ...
But wait Millie, a longtime resident, rises to her feet and says "Madam President, Id like t...

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