Storm Preparedness from Macken Realty Storm Preparedness from Macken Realty

It is officially hurricane season in South Florida and while we have not had a storm make landfall in nearly a decade, it is imperative that you protect yourself and your property from potential flooding and damaging storms. While the storm may or may not turn into a hurricane and hit directly South Florida, there are a number of preventative measures that you can take to protect your interests. New developments in South Florida all have hurricane impact windows and flooding measures preventing damage from storm surge. Homeowners alike are taking measures to install hurricane impact glass as they increase the value of a home substantially. If you are looking for a referral to install these features contact Macken today, and stay safe!

Water: In the event of a power outage water for bath needs is imperative, in addition to drinking water. Water is one of the things that is first to sell out in stores and it is best to have extra on hand.

Gas: Power outages similarly make obtaining gas difficult. Fill up your tank of gas and fill extra gallons if possible to avoid transportation issues.

Boarding: If there is an imminent threat of hurricane force winds, it is best to board your home. This is one reason why the upgrade to hurricane impact glass is a highly desirable upgrade.

Evacuation Plan: If you live in a low lying area, and are issued an evacuation order, heed the warning and seek higher ground. Your safety comes first!

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